Troy Darnell Vincent


A skilled business strategist, Troy Darnell Vincent, Sr., has been associated with the National Football League (NFL) for more than two decades as a player and executive. During that time, he has demonstrated a strong ability to build and maintain relationships, along with a commitment to integrity and vision. Troy Darnell Vincent, Sr., also has a track record of developing effective strategic plans, fostering encouragement among professionals, and managing public relations.

Mr. Vincent, a scholarship athlete at Wisconsin who finished his degree at Thomas Edison State College, started his professional playing experience as a first round draft pick, later serving as a player representative and executive committee member for the National Football League Players Association, and now is executive vice president of NFL football operations . In this role, he is responsible for providing leadership in establishing a culture of credibility and consistency among fans, players, coaches, and clubs.

Mr. Vincent works on promoting game innovation and collaborates with different internal departments to improve the replay program and in-game communication technology. Beyond that, he oversees the NFL’s diversity and officiating programs, is a contributing member of the American Football Coaches Association, and serves as a non-voting member of the Competition Committee, acting as a liaison for the NFL commissioner's office and Competition Committee.


Troy Vincent, Sr.